Nabila Huq

Senior Consultant


Dr. Nabila Huq is a Senior Consultant with ILLUME with over a decade of experience in technical research as a chemical engineer, primarily in renewable fuels development. Nabila began her research trajectory in solar energy, then transitioned to developing biomedical materials for spinal tissue repair and replacement as part of her doctoral work. Nabila later returned to the energy sector, where her work on high-performance, market-ready, low-emitting renewable diesel, and food waste-derived jet fuel at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory was recognized for its implications on lowering the carbon footprint of the ground transportation and aviation sectors. Nabila aims to make research highly accessible to a range of populations and volunteers her time to support STEM programs. She has also been an active contributor to conversations on the impacts of learning and teaching on engineering student retention.  After many years in Colorado Nabila is busy readjusting to the heat of her Arizona hometown by reading and writing (indoors), accompanied by her dog and husband. Nabila is a lifelong hobby violinist, lapsed Tae Kwon Do martial artist, and an extremely average singer. She hopes to do all these things with other people sometime soon.

Nabila is located in Mesa, AZ.

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