Introducing ILLUME

Posted September 3, 2013

We are pleased to announce the launch of Illume, a woman-owned boutique consultancy founded by Sara Van de Grift and Anne Dougherty.

Illume marries award-winning program design and implementation with recognized expertise in behavioral research and evaluation. We offer inspired and forward-thinking consulting at the rare intersection of insight and execution.

Illume was sparked by a single insight, formed by our energy experience and considerable reflection on our daily lives: Homes and businesses are organic, evolving environments where customers live out their aspirations through the small actions and daily rituals that bring them closer to their goals. Energy is the ubiquitous and invisible enabler of our lives. It is the silent resource that prepares a morning breakfast, gets us to and from weekend games, lights a meeting, and pops popcorn for movie night. Energy is not the “end,” energy is the means through which we create joy in our lives.

We aim to understand the multi-scale and multivalent links between these small acts and the energy programs and providers that help make them possible. Illume provides the lens that enables our clients to deliver services that bring customers closer to their dreams using sustainable and enduring energy resources.

We are excited to engage you and your team in thoughtful partnership. We firmly believe that collegial engagement and collaboration are necessary to create superior work products to foster a sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure and to enhance the quality of the lives we serve. We look forward to partnering with you.