Press Release

Posted August 30, 2013 By Anne Dougherty Sara Conzemius

ILLUME, a woman-owned boutique consultancy founded by Sara Conzemius and Anne Dougherty, set to launch.

ILLUME Advising, LLC marries award-winning program design and implementation with recognized expertise in behavioral research and evaluation. ILLUME was formed to deliver inspired and forward-thinking consulting at the rare intersection of insight and execution.

“At ILLUME we recognize that utilities are facing ever-increasing goals and simultaneously shrinking budgets,” said Sara Conzemius, ILLUME Co-founder. “Innovative program design, research, and evaluation consulting are critical to navigating this new environment for energy programs. Our customer-centric approach places human needs, wants and drivers at the center of the energy question.”

ILLUME’s work stands in contrast to the accounting and engineering focused approaches of other consulting firms. Conzemius and Dougherty understand a home or a small business is far more than its physical construction and equipment.

“These are the places that we belong,” noted Dougherty. “They are the sites of our aspirations, and objects of our affections. We know that energy is vital in our lives, but we also know that neither energy use nor conservation is an end in itself. Our approach to program design, research, and evaluation is one that is committed to understanding our customers’ challenges and identifying energy-smart solutions that will enhance their lives. Energy is not just a source of power; it helps us reach our goals in life.”

ILLUME provides a human lens that helps its clients improve their programs and services so that all benefit from sustainable and enduring energy resources. It provides its clients with the pathways and perspectives needed to meet their program goals, and it ensures that its clients’ customers meet theirs.

ILLUME’s initial offering includes research, design, planning, and evaluation to support the energy program and services industry and does so throughout the entire lifecycle of a program or product. More specifically, ILLUME offers:

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