Alyssa Price

Managing Consultant – Engineer


Alyssa Price channels technical and problem-solving skills into meaningful results. With a background in mechanical engineering, Alyssa offers experience in both the public and private sectors in areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, life cycle cost analysis, and master planning.  She is skilled in data collection and transforming technical information into understandable and relatable material. As an engineer, Alyssa has a breadth of knowledge in quantitative research and acts as a critical quality assurance reviewer on impact evaluations. Her attention to detail, exceptional organizational skills, and methodical mindset makes her a great researcher, and her collaborative approach makes her a key player on every team she works with. Alyssa is a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and likes to break flaming boards when she’s not wrangling spreadsheets.

Alyssa is located in Madison, WI.