Eileen Hannigan



Eileen Hannigan combines analytical expertise, program implementation experience, and an interdisciplinary social science research background to analyze complex data. Eileen excels at translating results into actionable recommendations for energy program planning, design, and assessment. Eileen has led impact and process evaluations of behavioral and resource-based programs, deploying a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods. She has deep expertise in the impact analysis of behavioral programs and in using micro-targeting to help clients better reach and engage customers.


Eileen is located in Madison, WI.

Related Resources

Matching and VIA: Quasi-Experimental Methods in a World of Imperfect Data

Co-authored by Eileen Hannigan and presented at the 2015 IEPEC conference.

Higher Savings Goals and the Rebate/Buy-Down Elephant in the Room: Recognizing When and How to Move On to Market Lift

This white paper on market lift was co-authored by Eileen Hannigan and Rick Winch and presented at the 2010 ACEEE Summer Study.

How Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy Program Used the Power of Promotions to Accelerate the Adoption and Energy Savings of Commercial Lighting

This white paper, co-authored by Eileen Hannigan and presented at the 2010 ACEEE Summer Study proves how promotional tactics encouraged commercial lighting in the Focus on Energy Program.

Comparison of Home Retrofit Programs in Wisconsin

Eileen Hannigan co-authored a report comparing Wisconsin weatherization programs for the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Building Technologies Program.