Goldie Christensen

Consultant – Marketing and Business Development


Goldie Christensen is Consultant with the Marketing and Business Development team for ILLUME. She is a seasoned administrator who is adept at leveraging her strong organizational skills and more than 20 years of experience to support ILLUME’s operations. Goldie tailors her skills to meet a variety of challenges and supports research tasks including recruiting for in-depth interviews, surveys, and focus groups, and copy-editing final deliverables. She has increased efficiency in several of her assigned roles and has helped to create new employee development plans to increase productivity throughout the organization. At ILLUME, Goldie provides support across the administrative, research, and marketing and business development teams, helping the company achieve success. When Goldie is not hovering over spreadsheets, you’ll most likely find her cuddling with her two cats, Joey and Jasper, watering her many, many plants, or lifting weights at the gym.

Goldie is located in Tucson, AZ.