Goldie Christensen

Executive Coordinator


Goldie is a seasoned Executive Coordinator who is adept at leveraging her strong organizational skills and 20 years experience to make ILLUME the well-oiled machine that it is. She has extensive knowledge in many areas of administration, having previously held positions in office management, human resources, payroll, and operations management. Goldie brings both sanity and energy to ILLUME, tailoring her skills to meet the needs of various personality types. She has increased efficiency in several of her assigned roles and has helped to create new employee development plans to increase productivity throughout the organization. At ILLUME, Goldie provides support and partnership to the team, helping the company achieve administrative and organizational success. Goldie is also a formidable blocker on the roller derby track as a 9 year veteran of the sport.

Goldie is located in Tucson, AZ.