Kimberly Jaeger Johnson

Managing Consultant


Kimberly Jaeger Johnson is an experienced manager who deftly leads teams through the execution of project deliverables, keeping many tasks running at once. She has the uncanny ability to capture all of the salient details without losing sight of the big picture. Kimberly has over 10 years of research, project management, and evaluation experience in the energy industry and with nonprofit and public agencies, including three terms of service with AmeriCorps VISTA. An expert in technical skills such as mixed methods evaluation, descriptive statistics, community needs assessments, metric and indicator design, facilitation, and strategic planning, Kimberly works closely with clients to ensure that studies are designed to solicit useful information that best enhances and supports their initiatives. Throughout her career, Kimberly has demonstrated a strong professional commitment to using high-quality data to make peoples’ lives better and easier. When Kimberly is not managing teams answering client’s critical questions, you can find her singing and dancing with her daughter.

Kimberly is located in Tucson, AZ.

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Translation is not Enough – Meaningfully Serving Communities Speaking Languages Other than English

This white paper draws on four studies conducted across the nation where the ILLUME team has conducted research in languages other than English. Read this paper, written by Dr. Liz Kelley, Kimberly Jaeger Johnson, and Silvia Milla (Salt River Project), to see ILLUME’s recommendations on how utilities and others can better serve their customers who speak languages other than English.
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Beyond Awareness: An In-Depth Look at Participation Barriers for the Hardest-to-Reach

Engaging nonparticipants can be challenging, and in some cases can seem nearly impossible. Yet doing so is increasingly important as we view energy efficiency programming from the lens of equity, working to ensure funds and services are distributed across all populations. This whitepaper will describe participation barriers uncovered across the following groups: renters, owners, property managers, and income-qualified customers and how the work is being integrated in to future planning.
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