Laura Schauer



Laura Schauer brings nearly 20 years’ experience working with utilities, public service commissions, and other private organizations to provide exceptional research, evaluation, and management consulting services.  Laura has led dozens of evaluations and research projects ranging from focused market research studies to multi-million, multi-year, portfolio-level evaluations. She has particular expertise in process and market evaluation and market research, although is versed in impact and attribution studies as well. Through this experience, Laura is adept at identifying and prioritizing critical research issues, considering clients’ policy and business landscape, and is passionate about supporting clients’ unique needs through high-quality research and results. Laura is Chair of the Association for Energy Service Professionals’ Market Research, Evaluation, and Greenhouse Gas topic committee, and is an active member of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, SEE Action EM&V Working Group and American Evaluation Association.

Laura is located in Madison, Wisconsin.

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