Laura Schauer

Executive Vice President


Laura Schauer is an industry leader with more than 20 years of experience working with utilities, public service commissions, and other private organizations to provide exceptional research, evaluation, and management consulting services. She has led dozens of evaluations and research projects ranging from focused market research studies to multi-million, multi-year, portfolio-level evaluations. Laura has particular expertise in process and market evaluation and market research and is also versed in impact and attribution studies. Laura is adept at working with clients to identify and prioritize critical research issues within the context of clients’ policy and business landscapes. Never satisfied with the status quo, Laura draws on her strengths in strategic thinking and process improvement to help the ILLUME team continually improve our services for clients and meet their unique needs through high-quality research. Laura continually gives back to the industry through volunteerism and mentorship, serving on the board of the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP), as Chair of AESP’s Market Research, Evaluation, and Greenhouse Gas topic committee, and as an active member of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, American Evaluation Association, and SEE Action EM&V Working Group. When Laura is not deftly guiding our team through research design, you can find her enjoying the outdoors with her family.

Laura is located in Madison, WI.

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Adding Value to the Customer Experience

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Beyond Awareness: An In-Depth Look at Participation Barriers for the Hardest-to-Reach

Engaging nonparticipants can be challenging, and in some cases can seem nearly impossible. Yet doing so is increasingly important as we view energy efficiency programming from the lens of equity, working to ensure funds and services are distributed across all populations. This whitepaper will describe participation barriers uncovered across the following groups: renters, owners, property managers, and income-qualified customers and how the work is being integrated in to future planning.
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ComEd Disadvantaged Communities (DACs) Study Report

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Future of EM&V

Laura Schauer explores the future of EM&V in her presentation at the 2015 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference.
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The Carrot and the Evaluator: How financial incentives have affected EM&V practices

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A Hand to Hold: A Holistic Approach to Addressing Barriers in the Home Retrofit Market

In this white paper, Sara Conzemius and Laura Schauer describe a pilot that overcame barriers to comprehensive residential retrofits using incentives, a turnkey offering, and an energy advocate.
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Low-Income Programs: Final Results of the Longitudinal Study

Laura Schauer co-authored this white paper summarizing the results of a longitudinal study of Wisconsin’s low income programs.
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