Select Works for GEFA

Posted March 25, 2024

This site contains select ILLUME publications and reports for the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA). These studies may provide value to GEFA as you oversee the administration of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) programs and opportunities.

Meet & Greet Presentation

These slides showcase our presentation from the March 18, 2024, Meet & Greet.

Overview of ILLUME State Energy Office (SEO) Services

A brochure highlighting ILLUME’s federal funding advisory services for State Energy Offices in support of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Regional Consideration:

SEEA Webinar on Technology and Equity

ILLUME Directors, Leigh Michael, Dr. Alex Dunn, and Pace Goodman presented at a SEEA webinar about the intersections of technology, equity, and workforce development.

Communication Needs in a Post-Pandemic World

This AESP 2023 presentation shares findings from a Southeaster utility research study on marketing and outreach strategies for connecting with low- and moderate-income customers.

Community Engagement:

Mapping Opportunity (ILLUME Magazine, Volume V)

A data visualization highlighting how an energy efficiency dashboard with an integrated map developed by ILLUME for CenterPoint provides holistic customer insights, enabling them to address questions on energy savings and program participation.


Unlocking Transportation Electrification StoryMap

A case study exploring the barriers to equitable transportation electrification with proposed strategies to enhance electric vehicle access in Black and Brown communities.

Advancing Equity in the Energy Industry

A case study sharing valuable lessons from ILLUME’s work and a guide for organizations to take preemptive steps to transform equity policies and goals into actionable strategies.

Identifying Priority Populations

An ILLUME Magazine article exploring the complexity of defining priority populations and how to develop data to arrive at the best decision for your jurisdictions.

Supporting New York State in DAC Development

An ILLUME Magazine article on ILLUME’s work to help New York State define DACs with community and government stakeholders.

Electrification Technologies:

Stacking Demand Management Technologies

Supporting programs in designing load management efforts to achieve maximum impact.

Rethinking Energy Efficiency Programs for Cooking Electrification

Insights and highlights on induction cooking and how energy programs need to shift to support market adoption.

Heat Pumps & Equitable Decarbonization Strategies

A Magazine article discussing the role heat pumps of heat pumps in beneficial electrification (BE) strategies and steps to integrate BE technologies.

Integrative Controls for Heat Pumps

A case study about what is needed to integrate heat pump technology with other heating sources effectively.

Framework for Identifying and Scaling New Technologies

A Magazine article outlining a staged approach to ensuring that market transformation investments are meaningful and impactful.

Participatory Design Framework

Sharing a design approach that ensures that end users, market actors, and trade allies are integrated as key stakeholders in planning and program design.

Consumer Decision Making in Technology Adoption

A Magazine article about tapping behavior-change strategies to foster the adoption of new technologies.

Enabling Emerging Technology Efforts:

A blog exploring the barriers and opportunities that exist for teams working in research and development, emerging technology, and pilot programs.


Importance of Translation End-to-End

A Magazine article on the best approaches to creating inclusive programs through language translation.

Understanding Home Decision Making

A Magazine data visualization that reveals how people make and prioritize decisions about their homes.  

Addressing Biased Language

A Magazine article with guidance to ensure that language does not introduce barriers to reaching end users and market actors.

Common Barriers to Program Participation

A Magazine article that takes a deep dive into why people do not participate in valuable programs – and how to engage them.

Workforce Development-Focused:

Electrification Workforce and Trade Ally Needs

A case study highlighting how different market actors can support the electrification of homes.

Evaluating Workforce Programs

A white paper sharing our findings and recommendations on how to deliver effective workforce development programs.

Connecticut Evaluation of Educate the Workforce, Educate the Students, Educate the Public, and Customer Engagement Initiatives

A final report for Energize Connecticut that includes evaluation results and recommendations for a suite of cross-cutting workforce development programs.

Cold Climate Demonstration Installation & Water Heater Installer Focus Group Research

A final report for NEEA to help them understand heat pump water heater adoption barriers in the Northwest’s cold-climate zones.