May 2023

Unlocking Just Transportation Electrification (Whitepaper)

December 2022

Beyond Awareness: An In-Depth Look at Participation Barriers for the Hardest-to-Reach

November 2022

Commercial Lighting: Market Actor Insights on a Dynamic Market

November 2022

Water Heater Demand Response: Comparing Full Replacement and After-Market Controllers

October 2022

Addressing Multifamily Hesitance to Participation in Energy Efficiency Programs

October 2022

Tunnel Vision: The Impact of Ignoring Behavior in Technological Innovation

October 2022

Evaluating Workforce Programs – Toward Designing more Effective and Creative Interventions

October 2022

Translation is not Enough – Meaningfully Serving Communities Speaking Languages Other than English

September 2022

Behavioral Programs Come of Age: Analyzing the Savings from Recent Home Energy Report Program Studies

August 2017

Finding Big Potential in Small Businesses: Behavior Change Opportunities and Targeting Approaches from a Statewide Study

August 2016

Know Before You Go

August 2015

Matching and VIA: Quasi-Experimental Methods in a World of Imperfect Data

January 2015

Assessment of Savings and Results for “Kit” Based Energy Efficiency Programming

September 2014

Potential Savings for Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrips

September 2014

Behavioral Energy Feedback Program Evaluation

August 2014

Integrating Behavior Programs into Portfolio Plans to Integrate Cross-Program Effects

August 2013

Impacts of Feedback Programs: Generating Comparable Impacts across Varying Program Design Models

August 2013

Some Insights on Matching Methods in Estimating Energy Savings for an Opt-In Behavioral- Based Energy Efficiency Program

May 2013

Paving the way for a Richer Mix of Residential Behavioral Programs

August 2012

Supporting and Facilitating Experimentation in Energy Efficiency: Exploring New Validity Constructs to Support Inter- and Intra-Organizational Paths to Success

November 2010

Moving Behind Econometrics to Examine the Behavioral Change Behind Impacts

August 2010

A Hand to Hold: A Holistic Approach to Addressing Barriers in the Home Retrofit Market

August 2010

Higher Savings Goals and the Rebate/Buy-Down Elephant in the Room: Recognizing When and How to Move On to Market Lift

August 2010

How Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy Program Used the Power of Promotions to Accelerate the Adoption and Energy Savings of Commercial Lighting