Dre Voelkel

Creative Development & Marketing Consultant


Dre Voelkel brings a diverse background and skill-set to ILLUME as a researcher and graphic designer.  Her research arsenal includes a strong background in experimental design methods, qualitative data collection, and organizational development theory.  With her background in social work, Dre is an engaging and dynamic facilitator for strategic planning, focus groups, in-depth interviews, training and instruction. She is a published children’s book illustrator, web developer, videographer, and graphic designer. Dre has been invited to speak at industry conferences and organizations on topics such as technology integration in research, best-practices for field data collection, data visualization, marketing design and community health.  Throughout all of these roles, Dre’s central passion has been to make high-quality research accessible, digestible, beautiful, and useful for broad audiences.


Dre is located in Tucson, Arizona