Lisa LeBeau Obear

Senior Director


Lisa LeBeau Obear has spent more than a decade exploring the relationships between people, their utilities, and energy efficiency. A natural problem-solver, she excels at leading portfolio evaluations, working across utility teams and program stakeholders to design research, identify solutions, and put the puzzle pieces together. She uses research to spark discussions, facilitate decision-making, and answer her clients’ most critical questions. Her background in sociology has given her an eye for designing robust quantitative research and insightful qualitative research, and her years designing and implementing evaluations for utilities across the country has given her real-life context and experience. She brings meticulous attention to detail along with a passion and commitment to understanding the customer perspective and experience. She is a creative methodologist; comfortable designing research plans best suited to the task at hand using traditional or exploratory and leading-edge methods. At ILLUME, Lisa leads process, impact, and market evaluations for numerous utilities, across residential and commercial customer sectors. When Lisa is not leading teams through large multi-year research and evaluation projects, she enjoys hiking with her family.

Lisa is located in Madison, WI.

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Commercial Lighting: Market Actor Insights on a Dynamic Market

In this paper presented at the 2022 IEPEC Conference, we describe a broad market research study completed in 2020, intended to provide a snapshot of the current state of underserved businesses in one state in the southeast.
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In this presentation given at the AESP 2023 Annual Conference, Lisa LeBeau Obear (ILLUME) and Terrilyn Simmons (Georgia Power), talk about how energy customers were financially impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic and how they are adjusting to the “new normal” when it comes to participating in energy efficiency programs.
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