Karishma Thakkar



Karishma Thakkar is a skilled researcher and scientist with experience in environmental remediation, federal and state-level environmental regulations, and report writing. She also has experience in hands-on field work, conducting soil and groundwater sampling, Phase I and preliminary investigations for current and emerging contaminants. She is passionate about regulatory adherence and detailed analysis to always deliver a cogent and cognizant final product to clients. Karishma has a strong background in sustainability research and excels at analyzing new and efficient ways of utilizing resources and cutting down on pollution and waste at the source. She has co-authored several sampling plans, sustainability reports and research studies, submitted at a city, state and federal level for implementation. Trained in environmental regulations and resource management, Karishma is proficient in designing new strategies and remediation plans to boost not only financial margins but also protect environmental health. When Karishma is not researching sustainable energy solutions, you can find her on her yoga mat.


Karishma is located in Phoenix, AZ.